1. We are the Asia-Pacific Research and Development Network (ARDENT).


2. We aim to help society utilize the medical biotechnology seeds developed by academia by creating and encouraging industry-academia-government collaboration.


3. The following are services and activities we provide to help achieve our aims.
(1) Technical exchange meeting
We hold industry-academia-government technical exchange meetings at least once a year.
(2) Facilitate cross-sector communication
We match those in academia who make seeds with those in industry who need them.
We facilitate industry-academia joint research.
(3) Announcements of the latest information
We collect and distribute, via e-mail and our website, the latest information about industry-academia-government collaborations including technical, subsidies, and seminar information.
(4)Industry-academia-government collaboration
We cooperate with industry-academia-government collaborating organizations concerning medical/biotechnology systems in Japan and abroad.
To promote industry-academia-government collaboration, we hold seminars and act as a repository for information.
We help those who are interested in becoming biotechnology researchers.
(6)Caretaker meeting
To carry out the above activities smoothly, we hold caretaker meetings.
We do any additional business in order to achieve our aims.


4. Members are any medical or biotechnological related group or individual who agrees with our purpose and activities.

(Membership Fee)

5. There is no membership fee for the time being.


6. Anyone interested in joining ARDENT must submit the application form.

(Enrollment period)

7. Membership period is only one year. However, it will be updated automatically unless cancelled.


8. We appoint one person as a representative caretaker and a few persons as caretakers.

(Caretaker meeting)

9. Caretaker meetings are held as needed, and the caretaker serves as chairman.

(The term of the caretaker)

10. The term of caretaker is one year however, the caretaker can be reappointed.


11. Our office is in the Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR):
3-1-1 Maidashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, 812-8582, Japan
Kyushu Univ. Hospital, CCTR
ARDENT(Asia-Pacific research and Development Network) Office
TELL: +81-92-642-5080 FAX:+81-92-642-5124

(Change to the Constitution)

12. Any changes to the ARDENT Constitution require majority approval.


13. Other rules will be determined separately.

Supplementary provision

These rules are effective starting October 1, 2013.